CDJ Bulk Express, Inc. was founded by John and Dawn Popovich in April of 1991 to
be one thing: the best long-haul, dump trailer operation on the east coast. Their
oldest son Johnny immediately came on board to help grow the family business.
CDJ has seen a slow, steady growth into a 70 truck fleet that operates in 28 states
and over the following years, we have established ourselves as a powerhouse in the
long-haul dump business. The addition of Chad Popovich, the youngest son, in 2008,
as serious part of the business, completed the family environment.

We are the best, plain and simple; we do it better, we do it more reliably, we do it

By definition we are a family business, since almost the entire Popovich family
works here, but we are not the “family” business that some would expect us to be.
We are a corporation and a for profit carrier that runs 70 trucks, which means that
while we care immensely about our drivers, and how our decisions affect them, we
are also concerned about the bottom line: staying profitable so we can continue
our tradition of being the best. We started as a mom and pop outfit with 3 trucks.
Are we still that outfit? Nope. Are we something different? Yep. Are we better? Yes.

The world is a different place than it was in 1991. But things change and we’ll all
have to change with it. Not always because that’s what we want to do, but because
that’s what we have to do. That all being said, we are still one thing and one thing
only: the best long-haul, dump trailer operation on the east coast. We do what we
do and we do it well.

We are known for being a hard working company that expects nothing but the best
from our drivers. We make sure everyone gives 100%, because if they don’t, our
other drivers have to pick up their slack. We stake our reputation on servicing our
customers, who depend on our trucks being there the next morning. Nobody
stockpiles anymore. It’s all “just in time” deliveries. So if we’re late it can put our
customers in a dilemma. If they don’t have raw materials, they can’t make steel
coils. If farmers don’t have feed, cows don’t eat. You know the saying “if you
bought it, a truck brought it?” Well the truck has to be there on time for that to be
true; because if we’re late, there won’t be anything on the shelf to buy.

That said, we now live in the age of regulation, emissions requirements by the EPA,
increased congestion, distracted drivers and aging infrastructure. All of this makes
your job much, much harder. You have to be on your “A-game” at all times out
there or bad things can happen and people can get hurt. Trucking is a tough job and
a serious business and should be treated as such. You are in control of 80,000 lbs.
traveling at 70 MPH and it does not stop on a dime. Be safe, be smart, be able to go
home and see your family, and make sure others can do the same. You are the
professional and we trust you.

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