Meet CDJ Bulk Express, Inc.


30 Years of excitement, change, and growing

All over the road, our name is showing.

We’ve come a long way, who knew it could happen

Miles we’ve put in, drive we’ve never been lacking

We started out small, pulled ourselves to the top

It was a long way, but we weren’t going to stop

Now CDJ is a name known on every street

30 years of being “The Elite Dump Fleet”

Who is CDJ Bulk Express



John is the president and founder of CDJ Bulk Express.

Chief Financial Officer

dawn popovich

Dawn is the co-founder of CDJ Bulk Express. She has served as the CFO since the inception in 1991.

Vice President of Operations

johnny popovich

Johnny is currently Vice President of Operations. He has been here since the beginning and started out as an over the road driver for CDJ.

Phone# 803.822.8229

Fax# 803.822.8237

Phone# 803.822.8229

Fax# 803.822.8237